Shanghai ChinaJoy 2013 Photos


Hello everyone, this is another post particularly for all you Cosplay, Anime, Manga and gaming fans among you! We have just been to the Shanghai ChinaJoy festival and came back with a small mountain of photos for you.

Shanghai only just held its excellent annual China International Comic Game Expo a couple of weeks ago, but this week’s Shanghai ChinaJoy is (to use gaming jargon) quite simply epic. To put it in perspective, ChinaJoy is around 5 times bigger than the comic convention! Shanghai ChinaJoy is being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 25th July to 28th July, and over 120,000 people are expected to go.

For those unable to go themselves to the Shanghai ChinaJoy festival, fear not! We went along armed with a camera to give you an insight into Asia’s biggest annual electronic entertainment festival. Check out our Shanghai ChinaJoy photo gallery of the event for more than 100 pictures of the event. Expect to see the infamous ‘booth babes’, geeks, games and even more babes.

Zai jian!

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An Introduction to Chinese Characters

Hello everyone,

Today we’re happy to announce Tales from China’s first proper lesson – an introduction to Chinese characters! Expect to see many more lessons from us in the future – this is just the beginning!

Check out our great language lesson which gives a brief introduction to characters – the pleasure and bane of many a student of the Chinese language. With a total of around 50,000 characters, including ancient and modern characters, there is a lot to learn.

Luckily, many of the characters have deep meaning behind them which makes learning (and more importantly, remembering) them very interesting. Unluckily, many of the characters have lost meaning due to the simplification of the written system from the 1950s onwards.

Chinese characters can give an insight into not only ancient Chinese thought, but also the present. Do you know why the Chinese character for the verb ‘to take’ (取) has an ear and a hand? Do you know why a pig and a roof (家) makes a ‘home’? Why does a woman and a roof make the word for calm (安)? Watch our lesson to discover the ancient truths behind these characters.

And don’t worry – there wont be an exam at the end of the lesson!

Zài jiàn!


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Welcome to Tales from China

Nǐ hǎo everyone and welcome to Tales from China!

We have created the Tales from China website to help people better understand 21st century China and its very unique culture. In the near future, we will be regularly releasing a wide-range of Chinese culture lessons.

China is becoming increasingly more important in the world, and so it is necessary for us all to increase cultural awareness of China to improve relations through a greater understanding. Luckily, Chinese culture is anything but boring, and we at Tales from China will bring you all the interesting stuff that you could only ever learn if you yourself came here to live.

Be sure to bookmark us so you don’t miss any of the great Chinese culture lessons we have planned. Not only will we be providing you with lessons about China and its culture, but we will also be uploading many photo galleries to give you some snapshot glimpses into life in modern China.

Zài jiàn!


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